Custom Thyroid Adrenal Program

Custom Thyroid Adrenal Program

*  What is Thyroid Function and how does it affect me?

*  ​Thyroid Fatigue: Is my Thyroid working properly?

*  ​Adrenal Fatigue: Why do I feel so tired all the time?

Custom Thyroid Adrenal ProgramWhat is a thyroid?

Bio-identical hormones : Thyroid and Why Desiccated Thyroid is better

Thyroid insufficiency is a common problem that many patients suffer with. They see their doctors due to suffering from a multitude of symptoms such as constipation, slower speech, forgetfulness, depression, low energy, thinning hair, dry skin, brain fog, poor memory, brittle nails, weight gain and the tendency to feel cold. Their doctors are convinced after looking at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) that their levels are ‘normal’ because they are in ‘range’.  The truth of the matter is that doctors nee d to be looking at free T3 levels and free T4 because this is the active hormone that communicates with the thyroid.  The philosophy is to treat the patient’s symptoms not the blood work, which is opposite to what we are seeing with proper supplementation of desiccated hormone or natural thyroid hormone.  As we age, the function of the thyroid starts to decrease. Medical doctors are less likely to treat the aging population versus someone in their 20’s who is suffering from hypothyroidism.  Symptoms of hypothyroidism also overlap with peri-menopause and menopause which makes sense because the reason why these symptoms occur is due to declining levels of progesterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone and sometimes testosterone. Declining hormones are the root cause of aging.  Thyroid resistance and receptor insensitivity are actually the most common cause of low thyroid symptoms due to aging.

Quite commonly when medical doctors treat hypothyroidism, they prescribe Synthroid which is T4.  Prescribing T4 alone is not the answer to improving symptoms of sub-laboratory hypothyroidism.

The thyroid is responsible for:

  • Critical to the growth, differentiation, and metabolism of each cell in the body
  • Regulates temperature, metabolism and cerebral function
  • Increases breakdown of fat and lowers cholesterol levels, protecting you against heart disease
  • Increases your cerebral metabolism and prevents cognitive decline.
  • Produces calcitonin which helps strengthen our bones.

How does a low thyroid cause hair thinning?

It is believed that decreased metabolism in the scalp follicles causes the head to release the hair’s shaft and root. Hair can also become too brittle and break off.  The body conserves energy wherever it can. If the thyroid production is not optimal, the body will shut down those functions considered non-essential, such as hair growth.  The hormone necessary for hair growth is T3. The optimal ranges (upper ranges) need to be maintained in order for hair to grow back.  With the optimal dose of natural thyroid hormone, optimal levels of T3 can restore healthy hair.

The right kind of thyroid

Dessicated thyroid (natural thyroid) is both a combination of T3 and T4 which the thyroid needs in order to up regulate it’s function and stop these unwanted symptoms.  It is not simply T4 (synthroid) which is not effective at getting rid of hypothyroid symptoms. A naturally compounded T3 and T4 can also be prescribed according to the patient’s blood levels. Hence the importance of having a complete hormone blood panel including TSH AND free T3 and T4.

It is important to note that both the ND and the MD are specifically trained and certified to screen and prescribe (prescription only by the MD) bio-identical hormones.  We both have extensive training on this topic and it is a specified form of medicine that is not routinely practiced in the majority of clinics.  It is a sought after treatment due to its significant and positive impact on patient symptoms.  BHRT is also critical in slowing the aging process and increasing the quality of life as we age.