Hormone Weight Loss Program

Hormone Weight Loss Program

Healthy Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan

Safe and fast RESULTS with long term sustainability

The happy hormone weight loss program is based on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and by taking a closer look at your hormones. This program, either a 20 or 40 day duration depending on the amount of weight desired to lose, results in a half to one pound loss every day. The results are much faster than the average “diet” and compliance is better due to the rapid results. Every individual is different so results may vary, but typically a 15 to 20 pound weight loss is seen on a 20 day program and 30-40 pounds on the 40 day program. Therapy is geared to correct poor metabolic function.

Dr. Michelle Salga facilitates the assessment of the patient with a medical doctor. Hence this diet is medically supervised to ensure safe and effective results. The MD assesses the patient, reviews the initial blood work and proceeds with treatment.. Dr. Salga will then go over the program with the patient and provide support during the diet and after, to ensure proper maintenance and sustainability of weight lost. Call us to find out more on how balancing your hormones naturally can help you lose weight.

Our Fees

Program : $950
(includes initial, follow up and pre-maintenance consultation, also includes diet manual and physical exam)

Blood work: as per MD
MD fee: $250
(includes assessment, blood work review)